Sandi Timmins

Executive Director

Sandi Timmins has 27 years experience managing and restructuring organizations and departments – in both the corporate and non-profit worlds.  Since 2001, Timmins has worked closely with House of Ruth Maryland to uncover root causes of problems and inefficiencies in its delivery of services to victims of domestic violence in order to implement new performance measures and improve overall quality of care.

In early 2009, Timmins’ role at House of Ruth Maryland took on a larger, operational focus. She was asked to serve as COO, not only continuing her work of improving processes and staff skills, but also to manage the day-to-day operations while putting in place a realignment of structure that would position the agency for the future.  During that time, a centralized Contact Center was created making it easier for victims to receive immediate help.  In addition, Timmins is bringing together the broad spectrum of services House of Ruth Maryland provides to the public in terms of training, educating and research in order to create a Training and Research arm of the organization.  She is also working to develop revenue-generating programs that can help fund the increased need for services.

As a long-time donor, supporter and contractual staff member of House of Ruth Maryland, Timmins is intimately acquainted with the challenges faced by both victims and staff.   In November 2009, Timmins was appointed as interim Executive Director by House of Ruth’s board, and in April 2010 she was appointed Executive Director. The board is confident that Timmins’ unique understanding of the issue and the agency, as well as the realities that House of Ruth Maryland faces today will bring a new clarity of purpose to what is one of Maryland’s cornerstone agencies.