Service Coordination

The experience of intimate partner violence is traumatizing and often leaves victims with a lack of traditional supports, questions about how to be safe, and unresolved basic needs issues such as housing, income, and health care.

The Service Coordination program offers victims a dedicated Service Coordinator who gets to know a victim’s individual circumstances and needs, integrates safety planning into addressing basic needs, and helps guide victims through the process of rebuilding their lives through short and long term goal planning.

In addition to coordination of all House of Ruth services received, such as shelter, counseling, or legal help, the Service Coordinator can also link victims to services in the community that include housing, child care, job training, etc.

Service Coordinators can provide services to both male and female victims in both English and Spanish.  They also have access to Language Line services when there is a need for other languages.

If you would like to talk to a Counselor about your options, please call (410) 889-7884.