At House of Ruth Maryland, we provide services to all victims of intimate partner violence, including those in the LGBTQ communities.

We are pleased that the Anti-Violence project has started the National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence in April and we look forward to working with them on IPV programs and services.

Intimate partner violence affects our community. It affects all communities. And help is available. Approximately 1/3 of lesbians, 1/4 of gay men, and up to 1/2 of trans* individuals will experience violence at the hands of their partner or spouse. House of Ruth Maryland takes pride in being an open and safe place for all victims to seek help, guidance, and support. House of Ruth Maryland provides comprehensive intimate partner violence services, and strives to tailor our services to victims’ unique situations and strengths.

LGBTQ power and control wheel

You can get help now at 410-889-7884 or contact us by email at to learn more about House of Ruth Maryland.